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LED Lighting - The 5 biggest myths

LED lighting is expensive

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LED lighting is too bright

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LED lighting saves 95% energy

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LED lighting is maintenance free

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LED lighting is just another energy saving light bulb

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What is LED?

LED stands for "light emitting diode." A diode is an electrical component with two terminals, which conduct the electricity only in one direction. With an electrical current, the diode emits a bright light around the small bulb. Typically, diodes have been used in many technologies such as radios, televisions and computers as an electrical component for conduction.

Benefits of LED Lighting

In any environment it is essential that light levels are appropriate and allow people to complete their particular tasks. There are many benefits that result from upgrading current lighting with new, efficient, and brighter LED lighting and many environments are exploring the possibilities and rewards of making the change to LED. By now, most anyone asked knows that LED lighting is greener and less expensive to use than traditional lighting, but those aren't the only reasons to use LED lighting. Other, less obvious but often more beneficial reasons are hiding right under our noses. Schools, colleges and universities around the country have been exploring these hidden perks and have seen just how helpful LED lighting can be.

Safety comes with better lighting

LED lighting is also safer than traditional lighting because of its low heat output. Lower heat output means less chance of a fire being started by lighting equipment. The additional light output of LED also helps to better illuminate dim spaces which in turn makes the chance of trips, falls and other minor accidents far less likely. Another safety feature of LED lighting is the lack of glass in many fixtures. Both incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs are glass and they can break. Many LED fixtures on the market, however, do not include any glass or other materials that are overtly dangerous when broken. The brightness of LED lighting can also help to stop or reduce vandalism on school grounds.